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Letter to Poka: A Secret Letter to My ‘Lost’ Girlfriend

Episode 1

Dear Poka,

I’m not sure how you’ll take this unexpected pill, it’s not your fault nor my fault that I’ve to give and you’ve to take this pill but the fault of that organ that’s so sensitive and hopeful to have the best yet has no hand or leg.

History is essential in life and I do not want to bring boredom into this heart-ful letter but I can not jump to the mid without threading the base. Thus, mind not as I delve a bit into the first day I saw you and the first day we spoke so that we refresh our minds. It’s was a rusty-cold morning in December and I was out to fetch water when I saw you. I didn’t even border to look at you because I’m not that kind of guy who has that ‘catch every skirt attitude’ but later that day in the night I was moved by a force I can’t explain.

I knew I needed something but what it is that I needed I never could fathom until I met you days later and the force sprang up in me again and it persisted for a number of times before I could crack the codes to conceive the real source and cause of the force. It was you Poka. I had made up my mind not to my it and to ignore you but I was never able to do. I devised a plan to talk to you but it always flopped because I’ve never built such a stamina before and now I wished I had.

Though let it be known to you that I’m taking tutorials on that and when next I meet one of you I’ll floor her with my first chat. You remember I told you I had to lie just to have that start chat with you? And you saw how I waited and ambushed you for your number and I don’t want the public to know in case this letter is leaked by your friends. You see I’d be disgraced if that happened and the playboys will say I slack. You know how lousy my school mates are, right?…..

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