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7 reasons why you need to start a side hustle

Starting a side hustle must have been something you have heard about or discussed either with yourself or your friends sometime before. You probably are still thinking about it but is lost on why you should start it. You earn well and live a comfortable life with your 9-5 so why bother.

Well, if that has been your thinking then you are right here at the right time. This article will give some light to your thinking and assist you to make a decision on why you should start a side hustle even if you are the CEO of your company and earning 5 times the national average salary. After reading this article you will understand why it is important to start something extra outside of your fully structured 9-5 job. This will be most important for young persons and people who are starting out in their careers.

Work on your passion.

Yes, this is basically the first or second reason why many people start a side hustle. They have a particular desire that they want to fulfill. It could be about telling stories about their live experiences, teaching a particular skill, speaking to the ills of society or talking about their favourite sports team or entertainment show. Whatever it is, we all have got that one thing that we often would want to talk about or do. Some people like to cook, drive, hike, sell or teach as a passion. Each of these can be turned into something great that will change lives including your own life. You can do that by starting a side hustle using your passion. Assuming you are passionate about driving, you could start a side hustle that you create videos about driving or write blog posts about driving or even offer free driving lessons to people. Whatever it is, once it is a passion, you should start a side hustle with it. You could be helping shape our world with that.

Support your finances

Oh yes, a side hustle is a great way to support your finances. Your 9-5 job may be paying you well but having something brings in extra to help sort your bills does not kill. So inasmuch as a side hustle does not necessarily become your cash cow, it has a huge potential to save you from financial stress. It could even become your biggest financial breakthrough. There are several companies today which are global giants but only started as a side hustle. Check that in my subsequent blogs.

Gain your freedom

Are you someone who is bored by the strict work schedule from your full-time and regular job? Then you could gain your freedom with your side hustle. Starting a side hustle does not mean you should quit your regular job but it gives you a period in your daily life that you are your own boss. Even if you spend two hours working on your side hustle every day, during that time you have the freedom to decide what you do and what you don’t. It brings flexibility into your life helps you get to be the better version of yourself while stretching you to reach your optimum potential. So freedom, flexibility and your own boss, all by kind courtesy of side hustle.

Build your portfolio

Grand and grandest. This especially applies to young people who are trying to breakthrough in their chosen career paths. Sometimes you will be turned down at interviews because you do not have much to offer per the interviewer’s assessment. That would not be the case most times if you had turned your passion into something. Inasmuch as companies look for a particular skillset, nothing attracts recruiters more than a skill that includes a great a learner, doer and critical thinker. You get all these when you are doing your side hustle even if it is selling groundnuts. Never mind what type it is, the experience would come invaluable at some point. Now if you’re side hustling in the industry you want to break in, then be sure you are building a strong case for recruiters to rush for you. So while you still sit at home waiting for that opportunity, why not start doing that thing you so love to do? Start it now and you won’t regret it.

Prepare for a career switch

You have been working in this industry for sometime now but really don’t think that is where you belong. You only hang around because the job helps you to sort out your bills and sustain the family. But must you remain there forever? If no then what must you do that when that time comes for you to get out you can easily swim into your desired waters? Start a side hustle. A side hustle in the industry you want to switch to will build you some quality practical experience that though you have not been officially employed in a role in that career group, you have done what those working majority have not done. It gives you an opportunity to learn, upgrade and update your knowledge, skills and experience in that industry. So as you are still with industry A but wants to switch to industry B, start living your dreams with a side hustle.

Creative adventure

If you are wondering what that means, don’t. It is just that simple as you understand it. A side hustle mostly is something you are passionate about or have skills in that you want to put to use. So as you embark on it, the journey becomes an adventure of creativity. You usually don’t get marked for your effort as people sometimes don’t notice it early but your efforts to perfect it means you keep trying news ideas and implementation methods. If you started a food vlog and your viewers rose from zero to 1,000 but stayed there or even dropped after sometime, you will want to know why and after knowing why you will want to get them back or increase it. That will prompt you to venture into new creative ideas. So as you seek to solve a problem of viewers dropping by introducing new menus, you will be adventuring into new creative spaces as well. You used to be seated during your cooking but now you blend it with standing and even slow dance to background music. It helps you gain yourself in things you probably would never have done outside that side hustle. So why not do this adventure and improve your creativity?

Boost your confidence

If you have ever been low on confidence and think you are not good at anything then you should better start a side hustle. Of all the reasons given above, confidence is key in starting a side hustle and once you start, it helps you to up your confidence. You that have never told your friends you can cook have decided to cook and upload the video on YouTube or even do Facebook Live while cooking? You must be on something hard. But if you managed to do this a couple of times, you will definitely get more interested, inspired and confident in your ability to do more. You set up yourself for leadership and challenging situations later in life that would need confidence. Aside from you building your personal confidence, people know you will grow respect and trust for you in that field and your reputation will be higher than before. Public confidence in you will be high as well. So if you are timid and have been reading or watching YouTube videos on how to build self-confidence, then here is your pill; I have just given you the magic box to supercharging your confidence. Grab it now.

I have given you seven key reasons why you need to start a side hustle. If you had doubted the reasons that were pushing you to start, these surely have done you some good and I can’t wait to here that you have taken the step. There are several other reasons such as learning a new skill, making better use of your free time, be of help to others and growing your network among others but all aside, you don’t even need two reasons to start a side hustle. One is enough and that could be your passion, financial breakthrough, career switch or anything.

Just do it anyway.

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